Rio is with Night Song Siberian Husky Rescue

Rio is a wonderful and very handsome dog. He is a Siberian and German Shepard cross. This is one of my favorite mixes. The dogs are usually very trainable because of the Shep and have the happy disposition of the huskies.
Rio is about 16 months old now, he has been neutered and is current on all his shots. He is a perfect gentleman in the house, very mannerly, polite and calm. He is also well crate trained and will sleep quietly through night curled up his crate. He walks well on a leash, once he gets started. He does pull some in his excitement to go for a walk with you at first. He absolutely loves to go for car rides. He will sit calmly and watch the world go by for hours on a trip.
His looks are striking. He has a true black coat that just glistens. The black coat makes his white markings even more eye-catching.

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Combine that with his eyes of two colors and he is a dog that will turn heads.
More than anything though, this is a really sweet and loving young dog who was raised by a family who had a young baby that Rio just
adored and he was very gentle around her.
This dog is athletic enough to do any kind of outdoor activity with you and calm enough to be by your side in the house.
All in all, he is a special boy. 

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