Congo has obviously been taught to seek permission to eat.    He  waits until I am a few feet back to begin to eat.  Today, I held the bowl out to him slanting it slightly, extending my arms to him and crouching down at the same time.  Surprisingly he did eat from the bowl that way today, but not a couple days ago.  I know that if I would have even "flinched" he would have abandoned eating.   He  readily takes treats from my hand (snags it slightly...somewhat like a little fox, then running off to eat it). 

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I tried bringing him into a small room.  He much preferred when I was lying down and patting the floor for him to come over.  When lying down,  he would come and cautiously creep to me to nuzzle.   He didn't stay long tho, just long enough for a small massage.  He is very gentle and wants to play like a puppy.  On walks, I use the 16' retractable leash.  He is right out at the end of it "pulling".  We have a tree farm with trails thru some of it so that is where we go for walks.  He is very
"nosey" on walks, learning the territory, and while he is being nosey, II think what I have figured out about this love is that a small, safe place suits him the best.  He loves his dog box and STRAW.  He does   love going on walks  but is highly distracted on them...perking his already perky ears further as to listen for every sound along the way.  ..



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