This handsome boy is named Chinook, he is 3 years old, neutered and current on all his vaccinations. 

Chinook is in need of a one very special family to give him what he thrives for which is love, attention and lots of it.  Chinook was found by animal control tied to a tree at one year old starving for food, attention, love -- anything.  His own family left him there, walked by him without giving him any food, water, a pat on the head, etc.  The puppy had grown up and the newness was gone for that family, so Chinook was discarded like a old pair of sneakers.

Chinook was so starved that the animal control officer said he could barely stand up on his own four legs.  He fought hard and what was once a very thin, scared and unloved male siberian, is now a

 wonderful boy who tries his hardest to be good to make his foster parents proud of him.  He has the best manners at his foster home, is very obedient and has such a personality!

Chinook loves to sleep on the bed with his foster parents every evening and has issues if he cannot.   He needs and craves love, attention, touch, songs, and lots of treats.  His adoptive home must be open to his possibly needing the comfort & security of sleeping with them.  His dream family would be one where one of his adoptive parents would not have to work and could stay at home but if they cannot, he really would benefit and be happy being part of a 2-dog or more family since he spent so much time alone as a pup.

It should be understand that Chinook is a real intense digger and needs a home where digging is allowed. 

Since it is unknown how Chinook reacts to children or small animals, he should not be adopted by a family with either.

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Because of the severe abuse he endured, Chinook has some issues like food aggression but has gained considerable ground.   Chinook loves to sing and he is always either singing or whining.  He has a beautiful Siberian voice and knows it so he sings 50% of the day, every day.  He is very vocal and should be in a home that is in a rural or remote area or sound proof!   His adoptive family has to love this in him as this is who he is.  He is the songleader and gets the foster pack singing, howling, etc. 3-5 times per day minimum. 

Chinook loves to play with balls, tossing them up in the air and watching them bounce.  He also loves to be sprayed with a very light stream of water in the hot summer days.   

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