Zeus was a purchased puppy by a couple in Southern Idaho. He was essentially abandoned in a back yard at around 9 months of age. He had no training, and minimal vet care. He was then adopted and bred by a family. This family bred dogs for profit. They had two litters with Zeus and then changed breeds and he was stuck in a small kennel for months on end. The owner then reached out to me and lead me to believe if they didn't find a home for him then the husband was going to deal with it the "old fashioned way". As soon as I got there I could see that he was in bad shape. He is underweight, his coat is crispy, and his nails are so long he splays his feet when he walks.


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He has anxiety around cars and my vet believes he spent a considerable amount of time in survival mode in an outdoor setting. Zeus is only 18 months old and has pretty decent anxiety. 
That's the bad news. 

The good news is that he is still incredibly affectionate. For a Husky, he seems ready to build bonds. He loves the pack life. He is a large boy, underweight at 60lbs. He is very, very strong.
Not recommended to a house with small kids, absolutely no small dogs or fowl. He doesn't do well with intact males. His next house would ideally be his forever home. There are some tricky details about his history that I would like to speak one on one with someone about in person. I know this seems like a lot of tough qualities, but he really is a joy. I would keep him but I have 3 dogs and agricultural animals. One thing to add that’s seems unusual in Siberians: he was very protective of his foster Mom.

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