Siberian Husky Adoption Contract
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Coat Color/Markings:
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Adopter's Name: Adopter's Name:
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I/we, the undersigned adopting party, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of this contract in the acquisition of the above-described Siberian Husky, hereinafter referred to as "dog":

I/we further understand and agree that:

 In consideration of the adoption of this dog, I/we agree to assume full responsibility for the conduct of this dog upon the date of this contract. I/we further agree to hold harmless the Rescue Program, its board of directors, its officers, its volunteers, and any individuals associated with the Rescue Program and to indemnify such organizations or individuals for any damages or costs resulting from liability, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, as a result of the dog's conduct after the date of this adoption contract.

Signed this ________________ day of ________________, 20_______



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