Winola - "Winnie"

Winnie was know by everyone in rescue as the official greeter at all of the Rescue Gatherings when at Susan's.   She was such a wonderful girl, always happy and gentle with everyone.  Winnie was one of the lucky ones, who found Susan to care for her.  We'll all miss her.   Her story, when she came to rescue, is below.  


Winnie came for a visit!

She is feeling right at home!

I see that hot dog you got!

Can I have it?

If I close my eyes it might 
just fall into my mouth.....

Winnie's Story:  Winola (called Winnie) is just 1 year old.   She is spayed.   She was found with her rear foot severed.   The vet believes that she was caught in a trap and chewed her foot off.   There is no infection, and it looks like it is healing on its own.   However, surgery may be necessary in the future.   She is learning very well to walk on the other 3 legs.  She is very happy, and loves to be petted.  We think she is golden lab and Siberian mix, she has 2 light blue eyes.   The shelter would not let us treat her until her impound time was over, so she had to stay in the pound without her leg being treated for 3 days.  What a spirit this girl has.  
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