Sasha and friends

November 6, 1989 - September 23, 2003
This is Sasha when she was 7 or 8, contemplating a porcupine who is sitting up in the tree,just waiting for it to come within reach.  She was an absolute fool when it came to porcupines  and had to be de-quilled 3 separate times, 150 quills at a time.  She didn't have the sense either to ignore a rattlesnake-- even though only one fang just barely grazed her forehead, she was one VERY sick dog.  
She was utterly fearless! She was SIBERIAN!!

Now  she's reunited with her Igor, who has waited for her for 3 long years.  Igor was the Alpha Dog unless there was something she really wanted and then he didn't stand a chance, and knew it!  Igor had more ancient wisdom in him than any other dog I've ever known.  When he died, a part of her died; with her rich contralto voice, she'd sung magnificent dirges when Brindle died, and when my Mother died, but when Igor left, she could only cry, and cry, and cry. She finally decided to live without him, in large part because of DigbyDarling's sweetness to her, and also because of the many gopher holes waiting to be dug out <g>.  
She finally decided to live without him, in large part because of DigbyDarling's sweetness to her, and also because of the many gopher holes waiting to be dug out <g>.  So we found Carole and Wes's dear Rebel as a full time companion for her; unexpectedly and tragically he died barely 10 months later of a vicious cancer.  We lucked out when Gail and Tanya found us the gentle and personable Noble, a long  haired silver-foxy looking Siberian who needed a loving and multiple-dog home; she grew very fond of him.  She just plain loved my house-guard Dingo/heeler Digby,  even being amused by his very UN-Siberian behaviors.   But almost her first thoughts when her arthritis took a sudden and very nasty turn six weeks ago were of Igor.  None of the various meds we tried helped ENOUGH, and so today we parted. She's buried with her favorite men right close by, her aunt a mere six feet away. Thank you for all the loving energies you've sent us in these past weeks, thank you for all the heart songs you've sent; we've needed them, cherished them. She's been spoiled rotten these past Winding Down weeks; it's been a time of great closeness and mutual delight in so many ways.   The pain didn't get in the way of her enjoying short walks, the pain didn't get in the way of that amazing Siberian abilty to walk and walk and walk to the point that she was actually pulling ME up the hill when MY legs got tired.  She'd stopped full-fledged singing after Igor died, but she's been warbling sweet excited WoooOOOOs in anticipation of fun suppers or walks, the fresh morning egg and/or biscuit.
This is her aunt, Riska, back around 15 years ago, and the characterizations are similar ;-)
You may not know  how Sasha and Igor came to Rabbit Hill.  When Riska died, I contacted her breeder and asked her to keep an eye out for any red and white female  Siberian of that line who might need a home; barely a month later, I got a call from a gentleman who lived on the coastal side of the state and who had two Siberians he was needing to find a home for.  We got talking about lineages and when I realized that Riska actually had a direct bloodline NIECE, I said I'd take her!   
She had a partner, so of course I said I'd take him too.   Kim and I drove over across the state to pick them up and it was LOVE at almost first sight.  Igor came from a totally different line, a black/white (Monadnock) line, but Sash was of that same Innesfree/Synordik family as Riska, and indeed, shared so many of the family personal behaviors that sometimes I actually forgot and called her by Riska's name.  She's distinctly herself, however, and I love her.  The sound of her absence is profound I have been blessed indeed by the Siberians who have walked into my life.  Today was a perfect day for Sasha to walk into a different life, one where her dearly chershed Igor is yet again Her Own True Love and where the sun is always shining upon True Loves. 

If only I didnt miss her so very much.

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