Michael rescued Jenna 6 yrs ago.   Unfortunately, she had a mass in her abdomen and he had to put her down.  She was a great dog.  His best friend.  At some future date, I think he will want another.   We wanted to let you know that Jenna will be remembered by our whole family as a great dog and gentle with other dogs.  Just recently, his family,

 which includes a wife and 2 children, got a companion dog for Jenna.  Molly is 6 mo. old and a chiweanie.  Jenna played with Molly, gave her toys and didnít mind when Molly took her toys.  The day we got Jenna, Christmas Day, she came to our home and was introduced to our 2 dogs, they got along just fine.  A couple of hours later, she was introduced to another two dogs and their owners.  Still no trouble.  That night she went with Mike to his home and there was introduced to 2 more dogs and more people.  She accepted all. 

The only problem was when Mike and Michelle, his wife, got together.  There was a jealousy issue.  Jenna did not like Michelle taking her spot in Mikeís life.  She accepted the girls, ages 5 and 3. 

We are going to miss Jenna. 


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