(Written by Hunter's owner):  He sat in the car and had a big happy smile on his face when I picked him up to go to his bath. He always sat in the front seat and I was petting him and telling how much better his coat felt and what a handsome boy he was. He hopped right up to the door to go in for his bath, no sign of any problem. An hour later, he was dead. I went up there as soon as they called me. He was still on the table, all soft and fluffy and clean. He looked like he was just sleeping. 
(Continued:  Written by Hunter's owner)

stayed with him for a while, still not being able to accept that he was really gone from my life so suddenly.

He was the one who started my love of the 3-legged dogs. He was the first. I had actually adopted him as one of my own dogs in 2000. He left behind quite a legacy of 3-legged Sibes around here. There was Dakota and Rainey who were foster dogs that got adopted. Then there is Winnie, Ms.Wolfette, Toby and of course, Nomawsh, all who live with me as part of my beloved pack.  He had the most beautiful face and eyes that I have ever seen on a dog. Ever.  He will be missed in more ways than I can say.  
He is buried on the hillside beside Hope.

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Hunter shared his live with all of us, but lived with Susan and the dogs at Night Song Siberian Husky Rescue.

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