A few years ago, I adopted Stetson, whom I renamed Hudson.  He was very aloof and really didn't want me touching his rump or legs.  Plus, he would flinch whenever I made some sharp movement.  After weeks of loving on him and giving him treats, he still hadn't warmed up to me, but I had committed to being his parent, so I wasn't about to give up.  I started using some consistent discipline (like making him sit and wait before I said it was okay for him to cross the street).  And at around three months, he finally started to warm up to me.  After a year, I was able to scratch his rump and even hold his legs if I wanted.  In fact, it turned into a game where I would try to grab his feet and he would run happily around me trying to avoid my hands.  He became the best dog I've ever had.  Obedient... well, when he wanted to be, but he was always very smart.  I'm pretty sure he could sneeze on command, but he wouldn't do it if I actually wanted him to.  I could at least get him to go awoowoowoo on command!  I started pet sitting in my home and Hudson was great with all of it.  He would welcome every dog into the home, show them the food/water, toys, and even where to potty in the back yard.  He liked

having the company, but also liked when they left and it was just me and him.  
Anyway, when I adopted him, your rescue speculated that he was probably 3 or 4 years old, and he certainly looked and acted that way.  But in the last year, his health took a very fast downward turn.  Even though the vet couldn't find anything wrong with him, we came to the conclusion that he was a lot older than we originally thought.  As of yesterday, his health problems became too much and it has now become necessary for him to be humanely euthanized.  I'm taking the weekend for one last big show of love and to say goodbye and on Monday, he will be put to sleep.  He has been a very happy dog in the time that I've had him and he's been a very good friend through some tough times for me.  I'll miss him very much.
I wanted to let you know since you guys took very good care of him after he got out of his unhealthy home.  Even though I had him for a short time, I still think of this time as a huge success - we touched each other's lives in a very good and healthy way.  I'll attach a photo of Hudson and myself so maybe you can remember him.
You guys do a good work out there at EWSR and you are appreciated.  


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