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 Kai is a very sweet Siberian husky boy that is looking for his forever home. He is about 4 years old, loves to run and play or even just lay by your side. Kai would be a great companion dog for any member of the family, be it laying by Dad's feet while he watches football, laying next to his boy or girl while they do their homework or a friend for your other dog. He would also be a great running companion. He is actually a very calm boy once he has been out to play for a bit. He would be best with kids over the age of 6 to 8, depending on their size, this is to prevent being knocked over.  

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Most huskies should not be in a home with cats, small farm animals such as ducks, chickens etc.  He may not do well with some of the really tiny dog breeds either. As with any potential adoption, if you have another dog, proper introductions between the dogs should be done.  Kai has a great time playing with one of the other huskies at the kennel, that is just over a year old. He tolerates the younger dog jumping and climbing on him and just wants to run and play. He does know some commands such as sit and shake and does well on a leash.  Kai could just as easily be an only dog laying by your feet and waiting for his loves.

Although Kai has not shown any interest in going over the fence at the kennel, he will still need a home with at least a 6 ft tall fence and secure back yard. There should not be any gaps in the fence and should be accessible directly from the house. Due to the natural high prey drive of Siberian huskies, they should never be off leash when outside their home or fenced yard. Huskies are not known for laying calmly on your front porch and watching the world go by. They are more apt to go running and exploring.

As with all animals on this web site, adoptions to approved homes only and animals must be spayed or neutered. Availability of an animal is subject to change without notice.
Please note: Descriptions of the dogs (including evaluation and temperament) listed are furnished by rescuers and other sources. We are providing an exchange of information only and are not always able to verify the information and as such you should verify the information yourself.
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