Meet Zeus - a 2 year old male who has been neutered. He's current on all vaccinations, he did obedience school while as a puppy.   His owner can't keep him, and writes: 
My wife took our other dog on a 2 week vacation, and when they returned he has been dominant towards the other dog.   Zeus tried to attack her in a non playful manner and it required my wife and I to separate them on the day they got back.   Now we have to keep them separated which isn't fair to either animal.  He wants to play too rough with her.    They have always lived together, and had no problems. 

He's really people friendly and has the typical husky energy.   He is crate trained, he pulls on a leash but otherwise does well, and can do simple sit, lay down, and speak. He would need recall training he does know come as a command but doesn't always follow it especially if there is something else getting his attention.
He sleeps in our house inside wherever he likes. Usually on the staircase.   He loves car rides. He loves walks and especially when I run with him.

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