This is Wuv.  Her previous names were Roxy and Denali, but she doesn't answer to them.  Her owner thinks she's deaf, and she has taught her a few signs.  She hasn't been diagnosed by a veterinarian as deaf.  She's a really smart girl, but shy.  Here's what her owner wrote about her:  I tap my hip for "come" and make walking fingers for "walk".  Hand up and palm out is "stay".  Eating motion for "eat".   She is shy, very smart and loving.  But, she won't go out if someone is out there, and if someone walks up, she goes inside.  I moved a trunk into the living room, and it scared her for a few days.  She trusts me, but it took a couple of weeks.  She was on me with no history.  She had recently been spayed, and a tattoo of a heart, so assume it was done by Humane Society.  She was in bad shape and had some sores and was itchy, and her hair felt bad.  I've had her on grain free and she no longer itches, and her hair feels wonderful. 

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She is 16 months old.  She learned my hand signs quickly.  Her deafness is not that big an issue but her shyness is.  Her ideal home would be a single person with a yard so she can come and go and feel safe and secure.  She so deserves a good home.  I was told she lived with other dogs and I believe she cued off other dog.  I also believe they hurt her and that's why she's shy.  She's not stupid and has good sense of humor.  She doesn't react to fridge opening, kiss sounds,  Occasionally she turns her head when a truck goes by, but I think it's vibration
She sleeps heavy - no sound, vaccum included wakes her - I'm pretty positive she's deaf.  She doesn't bark either.  When she sleeps she wags her tail, so there's been some happiness in her past she dreams of.  When she sees kids walk past the window, she wags her tail so I think there were kids in her life and they were kind, but she won't go out to meet them.  

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