Tallah is with Night Song Rescue

Tallah is a beautifully marked, approximately 5 year-old girl. Although not shy, she can be aloof at times.   She loves to run and play in the yard, and is the dominate female in the pack of 5 girls that came from Clarkston.  Despite being dominant, she rarely initiates any scuffles in the group - but will hold her own when pushed and backs off immediately when the other dog quits.  She has never shown aggression with people, and is learning her basic manners and commands. 

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Tallah came through her surgery in good shape. Her knee was an absolute mess. But he was able to clean it up and get it back together nicely. He thinks this is an old injury that she has re-injured over and over. She does have a lot of arthritis in the knee already. We will manage that as best we can for her.
The good news is that the x-rays of her neck, spine, hips, pelvis and other knee all look great. All look very healthy and normal, so we are not dealing with a chronic arthritic condition, just the one knee from all the injuries.
The other good news is that her eyes look normal too. No sign of elevated pressure or glaucoma or cataracts. I was concerned about glaucoma, so I am really glad that her eyes are ok, at least at this point. 

Cyndi and I were trying to figure out how to keep her calm and quiet for the next 4 weeks. A SIBE???? YIPES!!!  She will stay at my home in town, and have limited mobility until she's healed. 

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