This is Luna and her owner says:  (actually Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon)...a My Little Pony reference. This is what happens when you let your children name your pets. She was born December 18, 2014. and she's a year and a half, only has 3 legs (due to a car accident) and is spayed and otherwise healthy.  She is fine with other dogs, OK with cats (we have a cat and she slobbers all over her, which the cat does not like). She sleeps on a dog bed outside in a covered area, though is fine to sleep pretty much anywhere. She has always been an outside dog with a large fenced yard.  We do not keep her chained up and she is not used to that. However, even with only 3 legs, she can dig. She doesn't dig huge holes in the yard but does try to dig under the fence.  She has had exposure to goats and I would not consider her completely safe with them, but she has never attacked them.  

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I have young children 11, 9 and 7, and she jumps up on the two youngest and nips at them.  She is not a mean dog. She thinks she is playing.  Unfortunately, my 9 year olds thinks it is fun when she jumps up and encourages her.
She does walk on a leash, but with only 3 legs, gets tired easier. We have not let her swim since she lost the leg, because we are afraid she might not be able to get out of the water, so I don't know about that. However, she was never much of a water dog. 
She lost her leg about 8 months ago when she dug out of the yard and got hit by a car.

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