DAKOTA is an owner surrender.  Her owner writes:  My wife and I are beyond ourselves, we don't know what to do.  Our beautiful husky girl Dakota  broke our Chihuahua's leg.  They've lived together for years and this random event has terrified us.  We think it was food related, but don't really know.  We're scared something this random could happen again, to our Chihuahua or our toddler.  Dakota is pure bred husky, all white with one brown eye and one blue eye.  She is not fixed.  She has been a joy to have.  We love her dearly and want only the best for her. We don't think we are the best for her any more as painful as that is to admit. 

My chihuahua is male.  She's house trained unless ignored, crate trained... she spends her days inside and love walks...turns into a huge derp at just the word walk.  She spends her nights in our bedroom on her own bed, and when we leave the house she is crated... we use the command "go to your kennel" and she goes obediently.  To go potty we use the command "door" or "go to the door" so that we can let her out.  She knows sit and shake but is stubborn and typically won't do it unless their is food involved.  She will sleep on your bed, if invited.  

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She is 3, turning 4 in november.  She's good with kids however is protective of her food and should be isolated during feeding time.  She does decently well with other animals after they've met, but on a walk will jump like a wild banshee if she sees another dog. Therefore, no small animals and no toddlers are a must. 

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