The foster home writes:  We have been calling him "Wolfie" because we've never had a dog resembling a wolf before.  He still seems very content to stay in the room off the garage and in the yard but gets very happy when we take him for a walk. He has tried to rush out the gate with me, but no digging or whining.  We take him for a walk every day on the property.  We let him go into the garage with us also.  We let him in the house once (the other dogs were outside) and he went through the rooms then on his own decided to go back to his room off the garage.  Maybe he likes it because it is cooler, but I think he may have been kept outside in the past. 

I think he hears high pitches, but not low sounds. He knows sit, down and come by hand signals. 

He is very interested in the mole hills and when he can smell them down there, he digs. He became interested in my ducks  when I walked him by so he could see them, but after giving him a correction with the leash, he was fine.  He saw one of my dogs from behind the fence, and didn't react, even when my dog barked at him.

He does need a family that understands his breed.  My husband and son are going walk him in the Parade of Paws tomorrow.  We'll let you know how he does amongst all the people and dogs.  I think he's a great dog, and we'd keep him but he just doesn't fit in our "pack" right now. Our 17 year old lab mix has to be carried/helped up and down stairs now, and the timing is really bad for us to continue fostering, with the trips we have scheduled. 


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