Aldo is 3 year old boy.  He has lived with his half sibling.  Aldo has been living tied up everyday for most of his life and he is really lonely now that sibling has been adopted. I want to get him out of his family situation now that the weather is getting cold and he spends all his time outside until the owners come home from work.  Both dogs have lived as indoor/outdoor dogs with two adults in a small town surrounded by other dogs, cats and livestock.  Aldo chases cats and has been caught chasing livestock.  He has since been tied up outside when he has to be left alone.  The owners have tried fences but he can climb out unless the fence is 6 foot and secure, (no flimsy wire).  Aldo was rescued at a shelter

when he was a young pup and has done very well with all adults and children.  Aldo is an alpha dog so he is not always good with other alpha dogs.  Aldo walks best with a harness and a leash and enjoys his daily walks around the neighborhood.  Aldo loves to be with his people and hangs with them all the time, curiously watching what they are doing.  He often joins in with the conversation.
Because Aldo is an outdoor dog, he loves to be outside in the country hiking and running loose.  He also loves to be near rivers, creeks and lakes to play in the water. 
Aldo cannot be trusted when left inside alone.  He likes to get into the garbage and other chewables such as leather gloves, shoes and remote controls. 
Aldo needs a family that has lots of time for him to teach him more manners and commands.  He needs a very secure fence where he is safe and cannot climb out.  However, if he had someone spending more time with him and he was happy in his new setting, he probably would not want to escape. Aldo is  desperate to find a new and wonderful home where he can live out his life running, playing and enjoying life.
Aldo is neutered and his vaccinations are current.  He is fostered in Baker City, OR. 


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