This  vibrant 7 year old spayed Siberian Husky is all female and is proud that she is "Diva"!  She is microchipped, up-to-date on all her shots, and ready to go home with the right family.  She was an owner turn-in to the shelter and it is unknown as to why. What is known is that she obviously has not been abused nor has she been denied in any of her demands to be Diva! 
Millie is well trained for a Siberian.   She (most of the time) will follow the commands of her foster parent (i.e. sit, lay down, stay, etc.)   She is housebroken and accidents are a rarity.  She is crate-trained and loves to lay in her crate for naps with the door open.    She most likely was an only dog for the first six years of her life as it shows by her inter-personal Siberian communication skills which are quite loud.  She doesn't seen to have ever been taught the rules of playing with others and tends to demand that they play with her.  She may do okay with another dog as long
as she was 'the star of the show'!  She does get along with other dogs but her "perfect" home would be one where she was QUEEN BEE and the only dog with a stay-at-home parent to tend to her requests.  She thrives and demands to have company and isn't happy when left behind.  She is the type of girl that wants to be with you wherever you go. 
She prefers a home where she can lay on the sofa with her family while they are awake.  However, she would rather sleep on the floor beside her loved one's bed at night.   She loves the water and would prefer a home with water for her to romp in during the summer.  She has been seen many times by her foster family taking a dip in the pond and they taking an hour or two to primp after her bath!   However, this is not one of her highest priorities. 
She tends to have some food aggression but is okay when fed alone.  Once in awhile she converts to a trash surfer but not very often.
Overall, this beautiful Siberian is a very loving, dedicated and smart girl.  It is unknown how she is around smaller dogs and cats.  She would probably be okay with older children but is not recommended that she be around anyone younger than 10 years old.
She is waiting for her forever parents to find her and wisk her away!


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