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This is a SUPER sweet dog that was dumped in the Suncrest area. He ended up in the yard of Seana, who has many dogs of her own. He is a very friendly, Siberian Husky  mix, intact male. He knows some obedience -he does "sit" very well,  he is NOT food aggressive. NOT dog aggressive, very respectful (doesn't jump up on people), likes to fetch sticks, balls, etc and is willing to play with Seana's other small and medium sized dogs with the toys When she talked to another of the neighbors yesterday - she said she had even let him in her house to play with her male chocolate lab and he was very good in the house - no marking etc. (she couldn't keep him because he comes and goes over their 3 foot fence and they can only feed one dog). .  He has bright white pearly teeth-so I'm guessing he's approx. 2-3 years old.  Seama keep him for 3-4 days as an emergency foster, but they have 6 dogs already and are not set up for more.

He needs a foster home or forever home - he's such a sweet dog - he really deserves a family.

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