My husband and I got two dogs from the rescue back in January and just wanted to send a little update. 

Avianna was just over a year old when we got her.  She is a fun and energetic puppy.  She loves to go for runs and wrestle.  When she wants to take a break she either stares out the window at all the children playing in our neighborhood playground or rests her head on the pillow she sleeps on in the living room.  She has been nothing short of pure joy and entertainment.

Indi (was named Feather) is the sweetest puppy I have ever met.  She is soft and calm.  She loves to lay in my lap during her naps and fall asleep to someone petting her ears.  She is very well behaved!  She spends most of her day following me all around the house.  She loves when they get new treats because that means Avi will be entertained and she can get all of the attention from mom and dad.  She howls when she gets excited and makes everyone smile. 

Both dogs have truly been a blessing, and now that we have them we can't imagine life without them.  I have attached a couple pictures of them in their new home.  They have been on so many adventures camping all over Idaho, going to wine vineyard, going to Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon, and our upcoming trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota to meet family and Husky cousin Kona. 

God bless you and the work you do.  Our puppies have truly touched and changed our lives.


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