Boo Boo

Boo Boo is AKC registered.  We was neutered in 2007. He is a really sweet dog, loveable, friendly, easy-going and snuggly. He is a typical Husky in some ways: talkative, needs a high fence, etc. Unlike most Huskies, however, he is great off leash in the woods. We took him hiking and snowshoeing off leash on numerous occasions, without incident. On the contrary, he responds to verbal commands quite well when off leash. Furthermore, if he

 gets out of the house in the neighborhood and takes off, he has been known to find his own way home after a couple of hours. He's really quite bright. He gets along well with other dogs (he is currently with a dog sitter who has at least 5 other dogs in the house with Boo Boo).

We think he has a wheat and/or chicken allergy, but he has been fine for several years on Natural Balance or other limited ingredient foods.

His last Rabies vaccination was 2/15/10, expiring 2/15/13. Boo Boo's owner passed away, as did Kona, his friend.  He'd really like to find a home with another dog, or at least with a family that will take him to visit other dogs.  He's a very active boy, but loves to snuggle on the couch, too.   

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Boo Boo and Kona

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