ARIES is turning out to be a real sweetie and somewhat unique. Gorgeous ice blue eyes, white head, blazing red on his back. You should see him in the sun.

ARIES is afraid of other dogs. Hell be perfectly happy as an only dog a rarity for a Siberian and nice for a family that really only wants one dog.  

House Trained?  Yep, think so. Well maybe. With Kids? He LOVES people. Age? We think he is a baby. Does not raise  his leg to mark or pee, has pure white teeth. Aries has the sibe energy of a baby but he is not a whirling dervish.
He LOVES people and is SO glad to see me that I hard a hard time getting a decent pic. So I took a very short movie:  
See him looking into the house? This boy knows where treats come from - he is used to houses.

Cats? Well maybe!.  He is very playful but has been turned away from an outside cat!  I have never managed to turn a Sibe away from an outside kitty! Since he didn't go after an outside cat, nor go after the cats in the shelter says - Cat Maybe!

He will need some patience at first but I think he just wants to learn the rules. Poor guy this really has to be a shock. I cannot imagine why his owners did not find him.   He was someone's dog -- and wants only to be some nice family's dog again.

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