My name is Rhea. My name has many meanings. In mythology, Rhea was the mother of Gods. My previous owners named me that. My new mom thinks maybe I had puppies and was a mom. She thinks it is a pretty name and that Iím a pretty girl.

Iím at my new momís place with my friends Nadia and Zarya who were rescued with me and the rest of our family. I get a little nervous when inside in the house, but Iím starting to like it, especially when it is very cold or very wet. We are learning all the rules about being in the house.

When our new mom and dad are gone at work we stay in a nice big comfy kennel where we can watch our neighbors. Nadia and Zarya sit on top of our dog houses because they enjoy watching everyone. I like to curl up in my dog house where I feel warm and secure. We are all very quiet and do not bark at our neighbors. Mom says people like it when we are quiet.

We have two favorite neighbors Ė our new boxer friend next door and a really nice man who gives us meat scraps. Mom says he is a butcher Ė I donít know what that means. I just know that he gives us tasty treats. Nadia is afraid of him, but heís a nice man. Iím not afraid of new people; I just want to sniff them and say ďHi!Ē and give them kisses.

Mom and dad take us for walks, and we really like that. We love all the new smells and all the new things to see. We are very active and busy little dogs so after being in the kennel for a while we get a little bored. We really enjoy it when they let us out and we can sniff and explore in the big doggie run.


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Our new mom is very patient and is slowly teaching us proper doggie etiquette for being inside. She brags that we have only had one potty accident, but she did scold Nadia and Zarya when they tried to mark the couch as being theirs.

We have learned that the kitties inside are our friends, so we donít chase them when we are in the house. We still want to chase the kitties outside, though, but mom is teaching us not to do that. Lucy, one of their cats, goes on walks with us. Of course, mom keeps us on the leash.

We are slowly getting used to being with Lucy outside without trying to chase her. We have another kitty friend, Andy, who isnít afraid of us. He likes to play with us. Sometimes we let him eat with us, but most of the time we tell him to go away because it is our food. There are lots of kitties in our house. I guess mom fosters them, too.

There are always new things to smell. We like being in the house and really like sleeping in our new doggie room, but we still like to be outside. Nadia and Zarya have learned a new trick Ė to jump over the fences. I donít like to jump though. I am small and I like to crawl under things. Mom is proud of us, though, because we donít jump on people and we donít jump on furniture.
Iím not shy like my friend Nadia. Iím a happy girl and am learning lots of new things, but sometimes new things scare

 me. I would like to come and visit you, too, if you are looking for a new friend. You will have to be patient my mom says, and have a sense of humor, and only use positive training. I think I like that. Will you come and see me and let me be your new goddess?


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