My name is Nadia. It is Russian and means friend or hope. My new foster mom named me that because she thinks I would make someone a really great friend and because my rescue from a bad situation gave me hope for a better life. My name used to be Worm; I like my new name much better.  Iím at my new momís place with my friends Zarya and Rhea who were rescued with me and the rest of our family. We are

starting to feel right at home and are learning how nice it is to be inside in the house, especially when it is very cold or very wet. Itís hard sometimes, because we donít know all the rules about being in the house. Our new mom is very patient, though, and is slowly teaching us proper doggie etiquette for being inside. She brags that we have only had one potty accident, but she did scold us when we tried to mark the couch as being ours.

We have learned that the kitties inside are our friends, so we donít chase them when we are in the house. We still want to chase the kitties outside, though, but mom is teaching us not to do that. Lucy, one of their cats, goes on walks with us. Of course, mom keeps us on the leash. We are slowly getting used to being with Lucy outside without trying to chase her. We have another kitty friend, Andy, who isnít afraid of us. He likes to play with us. Sometimes we let him eat with us, but most of the time we tell him to go away because it is our food. There are lots of kitties in our house. I guess mom fosters them, too.

When our new mom and dad are gone at work we stay in a nice big comfy kennel where we can watch our neighbors. We sit on top of our dog houses so we have a nice view. We enjoy watching everyone and are very quiet. We donít bark at them. I do talk a lot, though, when mom comes to get me because I am happy to see her.

We have two favorite neighbors Ė our new boxer friend next door and a really nice man who gives us meat scraps. Mom says he is a butcher Ė I donít know what that means. I just know that he gives us tasty treats. Iím afraid of him, but mom says he is really nice and Zarya and Rhea think he is nice, too. I think some bad things might have happened to me in my past; maybe thatís why Iím a little afraid of this nice man. Mom puts me on my leash and takes me over to say hi to him. I think I will soon start to

trust him. We like being in the house and really like sleeping in our new doggie room, but we still like to be outside. We learned a new thing at momsí Ė that we can jump! We are so excited that we learned to jump over these things called fences. Mom doesnít think it is so great, though. She has to be with us now when we are outside. She said we need a six foot fence Ė whatever that means! One day mom came into our doggie room (she calls it their ďmaster bathĒ Ė hmm?) and I surprised her
with my new jumping skills. I was sitting up on the counter like I do my dog house. She made me get down, but she was laughing so I donít think she was too mad at me.

I was a little shy when I came to momís, but now Iím a happy girl and am learning lots of new things. I would like to come and visit you, too, if you are looking for a new friend. You will have to be patient my mom says, have a sense of humor, only use positive training, and do lots of socialization. I think I like that. Will you come and see me and be my new friend?



Nadia is one of the sweetest girls you'll ever want to meet.  She was one of 43 sled dogs that came to rescue.  Nadia is 3 years old, and a great sled dog.  She's in a foster home now, with other dogs, and learning all about retirement after a career.  She'd love to come to live with you, and we'd be glad to answer all your questions.   

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