Hey there, check me out, are you my forever home? Did I get your attention? I hope so, by the way, my name is Reeva but my foster mom calls me Weezie! She says that because of some old sitcom back in the 1970s called The Jefferson's and the theme song was about a lady named Weezie that was 'moving on up.' I have no idea what she is talking about but my foster mom says that I will be moving on up and have a family that will adopt me forever and ever one of these days. I really would like my own family and dream about it often, sometimes waking up with my paws twitching as if I was on a long walk with my forever family. 

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I hope you will make my dreams come true and adopt me as it makes me feel sad sometimes without a home of my very own. There is another reason I have been nicknamed Weezie by my foster mom. She says that I remind her sometimes of a weasel, please let me explain though! I have to admit that I really have a hankering for Pepsi and my foster mom has caught me in the act as I was tipping over her Pepsi can with my nose to lap up all I could get with my tongue! That is about my only bad habit and I don't do that very often as I do not like being scolded. I am a very good girl and am proud of it, my foster mom always tells me how good I am! I am not like the other Huskies as I do not try to escape and run off, I am very calm, well-mannered and kind of one of those laid-back country gals. Oh, you are probably now saying, well Weezie, how old are you? Hmm, that is a good question as I am not the best at Arithmetic, I can't tell you for sure but would say that I am
probably 6-7 years old. I am a very nice petite female Husky and weigh about 45 pounds. I am gray and white with beautiful blue eyes! I have to be upfront with you though, I am not one of those yuppie, sled dog types as I really am not into running much, I just don't need too as I am in good enough shape without that extreme exercise! I do like to go for a walk each day but when I am not walking, I curl up on the leather chair and mind my own business, sometimes I enjoy just sitting next to my foster mom to get love and attention but I am not one of those needy females that have to be the center of attention! I do not like being left alone very much but can tolerate it if needed, I would like a mom or dad that stays home during the day, that would be perfect for me! Oh yes, in case you are 

wondering for sure, yes I am house-trained, don't surf the counters, don't beg and just am the best Siberian around! Of course you can probably tell I am sassy and a little opinionated, I am only vocal about voicing my concerns and opinions but am not one of those gals that is a chatty Cathy! I don't yap either or bark, just talk Siberian when need be! I am sure you want to know that I cannot have puppies thank goodness and have gone through those horrible, yucky shots which I didn't enjoy but I will do anything to find my forever family! To sum this all up, I am looking to interview anyone that may be interested in me that is not very active, that stays home a lot and just wants a very sweet, well-mannered Siberian to keep them company. Please contact my foster mom to set up an interview with me as she is acting as my secretary! Thank you for your time to read about me, I hope you are my forever home! Very Sincerely Yours, Weezie aka Reeva

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