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 Hi, I'm Tiguaq and I AM NOT a Siberian puppy! I am Alaskan Malamute and proud of it! My foster home is wall to wall with Siberians and I want my own home so bad. I really need my own family to take me home very soon since I am only 4 months old and still have my puppy teeth. I have been neutered and have had all my shots. I am learning so much at my foster home! I watch those silly Siberians and they show me quite a few tricks and skills! I have learned to use the doggie door to go outdoors to go potty and also to sneak out any shoes I can find! They have shown me how to play with a ball properly and how to sniff for rodents! I love going outside but love being inside too! I just want to be around the humans that I love and love me! I don't like being alone as it is too scary and then I start crying. I love to cuddle with my foster mom and give her kisses. I have made one best friend named Jackpot who is a big Siberian Husky, he watches over me so that the others do not play too hard and hurt me since I am much smaller than they are. 

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The Siberian pack has accepted me but it is still hard being the baby in a pack of Huskies. My foster parents tell me that I am very intelligent and a quick learner. I am starting to learn how to sit and want to learn how to give my paw to shake like my Siberian friends do! I enjoy going for walks on a leash but would like a big back yard to run around in. One of my favorite things is to go for a ride in a car and I do really good since I sometimes fall asleep! My foster parents said that I was such a good boy that I could sleep on the floor or a covered chair during the night and trust me for being only 4-months old. I was in another foster family before I got to Night Song and that family had a couple of children and I had so much fun playing with them! I hope my forever family will have a child or two and also I hope they have at least one dog that I can play with. I want to find my home really bad. Where are you forever family? Please come and get me today before I turn into a Siberian! Sincerely, Tiguaq.   For more information, visit us at http://www.ewsr.org/ or email rescue@ewsr.org

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