Spiritual is a very exceptional Siberian and one that would do well with someone that works from home, a homemaker, retiree, etc. as he doesn't enjoy being alone. 

However, he would likely adapt and do well in most all family environments but we think he is pretty special and since he is the Spirit of the Shadow King, he should get the royal treatment! Please come by and meet Spiritual today, he is waiting for you to take him to his forever home! For more information, visit us at http://www.ewsr.org/ or email rescue@ewsr.org. 

This handsome white fluff-ball is a blue-eyed Siberian named Spiritual! He is 6-years old and a AKC Registered Siberian who will win you over immediately with his charisma! His AKC full registered name is "Spirit of the Shadow King" which fits him to a tee since he loves to be King ! Spiritual is a people-Siberian and loves being inside around his family. He is a registered table/counter surfer but is trying hard to learn not to surf. Since he spent his first 6 years outside, he hadn't been trained properly on his inside manners but is working on them at his foster home. He wants to please and when disciplined has shown very rapid improvement . Spiritual is highly intelligent and could be considered a Siberian perfectionist as he doesn't want to fail and disappoint his loved ones. He takes all discipline very seriously and it shows in his reactions. He loves to talk and is quite vocal. In addition, he loves to sing and really has a beautiful howl. He gets along well with all the other dogs, however, it is not known how he is around cats. Spiritual knows basic commands but his favorite is to give you his paw ! He does well around children, as well as adults and would like to be considered a family member. His perfect home would be one where he would be considered an inside/outside dog, possibly with a doggie door. One of his favorite ways to relax on a hot summer day is to crawl up in the nearest lawn chair to take a nap as you can see in the photo! 

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Spiritual is with Night Song Siberian Husky Rescue

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