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Very nice!

With friends.  

Really has filled out, looking good!

A few weeks after he came to rescue.  

Still skinny, but so much better!

Some improvement, and his coat is so much better.  

And BIG KISSES to everyone! (Below is his story from the day he came to rescue to rescue.   What a change.)

His name is Nomawsh, which is an Indian name that just means dog.  Pure bred sibe, very sweet boy, full of kisses for everyone and all the dogs. Very weak, but spunky and has a good spirit. Only about a year and half old. He only weighed 35 lbs this morning. As tall as he is, he should be at least 65-70 lbs even as young as he is. It will just break your heart to see how sweet he is and how horrid he looks. His first owner had  him in the back of his pickup and the 6 mth. old pup jumped out and was hit by a car. THAT is how he lost his leg.

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After the vet had saved his life, but sadly had to remove his back leg, the owner did not want him any more. The vet gave him to the people in Kennewick cause they had a husky and wanted Nomawsh. They have had him for about a year now. For the past 4 months he has been tied to a tree, starving to death a day at a time. The people moved to Kennewick from Spokane about 4 months ago. With his big heart and love of life, he may very well survive, but it will take a lot of prayers and TLC and vet care before we know for sure. 
UPDATE #1 - I just talked to my vet. We got most of his labs back today. The good news is that most of his basic functions still seem within acceptable functioning
limits, which is great. He also still has some digestive enzyme activity, so he may be able to absorb the nutrition from his food, which is very good news. The levels that were off or low, were not within the severe danger zone, which considering his condition is amazing. My vet was expecting much worse levels on some of these tests. He has been able to eat about 1/2 cup of soaked kibble mixed with 1/2 can of canned dogfood mixed with water to make a slurry gravy mix. He inhales it, then begs for more. 
So far, he has kept this mix down. I have been giving him this mix every couple of hours since yesterday( as I can and still keep my job). He actually had one small BM, so we are hopeful that his whole digestive system will start to function again as he gets more food. I am adding a wonderful all natural enzyme
supplement that I have used in the past on poor dogs. I am also giving him some organic, plain yogurt. I will cook some chicken and rice for him
tonight, I simply have not had time to do it since I got him on Tues. night.
It will be a very long road back for this good-natured 3-legged boy, but I
am still asking for lots of prayers for him. I feel better about his chances
of making it now, but he is far from being out of danger yet. 
His condition is far too bad to even give him meds for worms and parasites. I have no doubt that he is full of them, but he needs a little more help before we can shock his system with something like that, even if that is part of this problem.   The results today were uplifting and give me hope, so they were worth it.  

Update 2:   The doctor has given a lot of special effort on his behalf. She has not seen one as bad as him still be alive. I feel better about him every day now. He has made some soft, but formed, poop in the past two days.  He is eating more like a very hungry normal dog now, instead of inhaling, gagging and choking on his food because he could not get it down fast enough. The very best news of all happened last night. I got home and let him out while I was giving fresh water to 

the dogs. I looked up and he was over in the yard in the yard romping and playing with Skipper,another young 3-legged dog. They were so cute and that big, silly Siberian smile on his face said it all!! Even a couple of days ago, he did not have the strength in his one back leg to walk more a few steps without collapsing. He has zero muscle tone in any of his legs, made even worse by the fact that he only has the one in the back. To see him be able to not only stand, but run and play just made my heart sing for joy!!! Amazing, just amazing. This morning he was still feeling good too. I still can not thank you all of you enough for your help and your prayers. I will let you know about his check up and labs as soon as I know anything.  
Update 3:  I wanted to say again a big THANK YOU to each and everyone who has chipped in to help this boy. With this much love surrounding him, he can't help but get better everyday. He is doing so much better. I can actually leave dry kibble for him over night and there is some left in the morning!  I am still feeding him his wet kibble/canned food/supplements mixture 4-5 times per day. He gobbles it down, but is no longer choking and gagging while
trying to eat it so fast.  On Sunday, he found the big old bathtub of water that the dogs love to jump. It took him a few times to figure out how to get his whole body in there, but once he did, oh boy, did he have fun!! I gotta get a pic of him standing up to his chest in that cold water and a silly
grin on his face.  I don't think he has been dry since then!!  I have to leave the water going to it all the time now cause several of them like to go for a swim. You know to see this formerly, lost and sad little guy acting and feeling so much like Sibe, just does my heart so much good.  
He has gained some weight too. Not
for sure how much, I had weighed him at 35 on the first day, when Dr.K did it on the same day ( with help) , they came up with 37. He weighed 41.5 on Sat. morning!! So, he has picked up at least 4.50 lbs.  He will get his worm meds this week, then he will have some other meds to take for a week, then she may put him on a 2 week course of prednisone for the inflamed bowel. That is common in dogs starved to this point.  I  REALLY feel in my heart that he is going to be just fine now. Thank you again so much for helping me with him, it means more than I can ever say. Just the worm meds that she wanted to use on him was $40 for one dose!! Yipes!  You all are such awesome and caring folks. It makes me feel better about this old world to have contact with people like you. 


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