Aspen is listed for Night Song Siberian Husky Rescue
Aspen is a delightful and playful young Alaskan Husky who is wonderful.   She loves to run and play with people or other dogs, and is very friendly and loving.   She has the shortesr, easier-to-manage coat of the Alaskans.   Her big, beautiful blue eyes are mesmerizing.  She and Denver, the nice young male Siberian who came with her are very bonded to each other.   If someone is looking for two well mannered and lovely dogs, they couldn't find nicer ones than these two.   Aspen will have to go to a home with another playful dog, if she and Denver aren't adopted as a pair.   I will not allow her to be adopted as an only dog.  She LOVES to play in water, jumps in and splashes in all the big water tubs seh finds.   She would enjoy living close to a lake or river.   She has been great around school age children who have visited here, but she might be too lively for small children.   She is between a year and a year and a half old.  For more information 

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