This sweet and stunning young husky is named Petra.  She is about 1 year old, charming, and will capture your heart with her beautiful bright eyes, her desire to love and please, and her belly-up way to introduce herself.  She is current on all her shots, and is spayed.  Petra is a true homebody, and is dedicated to being around those she loves.   She would make a great companion to a single person or elderly person/couple as she wants to be around all the time.  She is petite, weighin 40 pounds, and loves being a lapdog.  She loves to play, run, take walks, watch movies with her family as well as go for rides.  She's a great traveller.  It is unknown whether she is good around children or smaller pets (cats, etc.) but with her loving attitude, she most likely would be trainalbe as she is very intelligent and sweet as sugar.  She does well with other dogs, but would prefer to be the one and only as she wants to be the center of attention.  

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 She loves the water and will not hesitate to jump in!   She does very well on and off leash.  Petra comes when she is called, needs some work on her manners but is learning quickly!  Petra does not like being in a kennel and is quite the houdini, so needs a kennel that was reinforced on the top and bottom as she likes to climb out to try to be with her family!  She does okay in a crate and is being ousetrained.  Petra will mesmerize you with her beautiful eyes and loving attitude and will steal your heart immediately!  She's ready for adoption today -- this is truly one husky that you must meet!!

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