Jean Luc Skywalker

Sky is foster with Night Song Siberian Husky Rescue


Jean-Luc 'Sky'walker who answers to Sky is a very devoted, loving, energetic, emotional, strong and happy healthy male Husky!  He is neutered and current on all shots.  He is about 2 years old.   
He gets along well with other dogs his size and has done quite well with all of the other five dogs at his foster home (a Black Lab, a 17-year old Brittany, a one-eyed Husky mix male, a male Husky & a female Husky).  He should not be in a home with small dogs or cats.  Sky would be the happiest having another dog his size to bond, run, play with and keep him company.  
Sky loves to talk and does so quite a bit.  He seems to have taken over as the temporary 'song leader' at his foster home and enjoys leading the pack in a Husky howling tune on a regular basis.  Sky could be considered kind of a homebody.  He is 

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housetrained, loves to be inside but enjoys being outside.  More importantly, he follows his foster parents wherever they go and does not like to be left alone.  He craves love and attention and he would do best with a home that he is considered to be part of their family.  He sleeps inside on a bed near his foster parents and it is important that his new family allow him to as well.  Sky's family would have at least one of his parents at home with him.  A stay-at-home mom or dad, a home-based business, etc. would be ideal.  It is not known how he is around children at this time. 
Sky is an excellent traveler and loves to nap when he goes for rides.  Sky could use some improving on his manners.  His foster family has been working with him and has seen some improvements in the last 4-6 weeks.   Sky sometimes thinks he is a lap dog and loves to sit in his foster mom's lap, but most of the time enjoys just laying by her.  He is quite a kisser and loves to plant a kiss on his foster parent's face without any warning!   Sometimes Sky appears to be a German Shepherd trapped in a Siberian's coat as unlike most Huskies which are usually very outgoing, he is protective of his foster mother around strangers and makes it known vocally that he is there and watching.  He is cautious of people he doesn't know or trust but once he has gained their trust, is then very friendly and loving.  Sky is one of the most incredible, spirited, funny and just outright bossy Huskies and one that will keep you laughing! 

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