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Let us introduce you Duchess and her name fits her very well!  This Siberian is as busy as any Duchess noblewoman!  DUCHESS is just like Mary Poppins - Practically Perfect in every way!  She is very energetic and a very busy lady  oh-so interested in everything that is going on around her and delighted to be a part of it!  Playful but not in the least hyperactive, Duchess typifies the best of the breed:  She has retained her puppylike delight at the wonders of the world and her love of play as she's grown, but now has the ability to focus and the experience of a grown-up.  Duchess pays attention and wants to please her humans.  But she will also give her loving family the amusement and laughter that these northern breed dogs bring with them.     

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Duchess is a bi-eyed (one blue eye, one brown eye), AKC registered, spayed Siberian Husky.  She is wonderful with other dogs, adults and children.  She is unknown with cats.  One special thing about her:  Although her home must have a fenced yard, Duchess is not a bolter.  Living deep in the country where she knows where home is, where there are no cars or dangerous distractions and there is lots of activity to keep her interested and involved, Duchess will just "hang out" with her canine and human foster family.  This does not mean she can be off-leash in town.  Duchess has little experience with cars and similar "townie" dangers.  Still, it's a nice safety factor.

Duchess has been loved all her life.  Her original owner was elderly and she was very much a part of his daily life until he was finally hospitalized.  She easily adjusted from a single dog/single owner life to  "one of the pack" at her foster home.   She was not highly adoptable at first because she had been shaved and looked like a bratwurst.  As you can see, she's gorgeous now.  And she will reward home new family unmeasurably. 

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