This young Siberian is Bodie Boy!  Bodie is a very sweet, very loving, curious and busy young Husky.  Bodie Boy is all puppy!  He possesses a charm that will capture your heart!  He came to us in December after being robbed of his first months of puppy-hood.  Today, Bodie is a happy, healthy & spunky boy ready for his forever family.  Bodie needsa home that has other dogs as he loves playing and interacting with all 5 dogs at his foster home.   He loves to talk and is quite outspoken!   He loves playing with balls, Frisbees and doggie toys. Bodie was housetrained using the doggie door at his foster home within his first 2 days there!.  He has done very well in the house and enjoys being around his family.

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He does well with his foster parents and loves to cuddle when he is not playing.  He needs a lot of love and should be adopted by someone who has a lot of time to spend with him since he is still a puppy.  Bodie would benefit from basic obedience training.  He is very strong for his size and pulls hard while on a leash.   He plays very hard and probably should not be around small children.  How he would interact with small animals has not been determined.  This puppy is ready for adoption now!

Bodie is listed for Night Song Siberian Husky Rescue

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