Cazi is a wonderful young boy.  About 6 years old, and is neutered.   He is vocal, and has some typical husky characteristics (very friendly to everyone but not "needy" to anyone).  He is very healthy, up to date on everything, and extremely docile.  I had him groomed on Friday to remove his dead winter undercoat, so he is really healthy and beautiful-looking.  He does not appear to have a strong prey drive...he's gentle with cats and is friendly to all people and dogs.  He seems to be very submissive in a group environment.  He does not pull on a leash, and I suspect he would be okay off leash, but I would never try it.  He stays very close in a fenced area.  He loves to ride in the car.  His only challenge is his voice....he whines and howls, particularly when alone in his kennel--as most huskies do.   For more information:  


He loves to be with people, but he likes to be outside where it's cool.  All the typical husky stuff.  He has one blue eye, and one eye that is half blue and half brown.   Right now he is staying at a small, private daycare/kennel that a friend of mine owns.  We can foster him there until he is placed.  My friend was worried that because he 

had already had so many homes, he would display some problems or behavioral issues.  She was amazed to learn that he does not.  He is a wonderful, gentle, well-behaved dog.  I have attached some photos.  We would greatly appreciate any help you can give us to get this wonderful guy a PERMANENT family!!!

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