Eila Husky
Nikita Eila Sun is a wonderful 4year-old Husky Shepherd mix that greatly enjoys running and playing.  Nikita is obedience and house trained, although she occasionally seems to become deaf when “come” is called.  She loves to ride in cars and will beat anything to a lowered tailgate.  Niki has been living with me for a wonderful three years.  During this time, she has learned how to pack, sled, skijor, and has started learning weight pull.  She has been an amazing companion to her two sister dogs as well as multiple cats and horses.  Nikita has been an ambassador for dog sledding for children of all ages by helping to give sledding presentations in elementary schools.   She has been a good sled dog, especially at sprinting, but does not like to pull alone.  

 When sledding and skijoring, she has been in all positions, but has always needed another dog with her or she would refuse to pull.  She has never been a dominate dog but is mostly business when sledding and has been known to put rambunctious dogs trying to play with her in their place.  Because of this, she has worked great to train inexperienced dogs to stay on their side of the gangline.  Nikita packs very well.  All anyone has to do is put her sledding harness on under her pack and let her help him or her up the hills while she carries the treats.  She is a quiet dog for the most part, often only barking if something/someone is there that shouldn’t be but is quite content to just lay around and be a companion.

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Come on Mom. Give the dog a belly rub!

Ahhhhhh, thats better!

A little to the left.....Please!

That's it thats the spot!!!!

Pure Bliss!!!!

Did I tell you I like belly rubs?

Time for a nap... After a good belly rub

z z z z z zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You can't see me....

I saw that flower move...

Ears up, Ears down

All this work is making me tired...

Wouldn't happen to have 
a hot dog would you?

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