First, I want to thank you very much for all you do to help out the Sibs !!!!  If it were not for you and Susan this Happy Home story would not be able to be told!  If I remember correctly, one year ago this month, I sent you an e-mail requesting information on becoming a foster parent after seeing the Happy Homes website!  Well, thanks to you, Susan Price, and everyone else involved in rescuing Siberians, my husband and I were able to experience the real joy of  watching a young sib (she was less than a year at the time) who was starving herself to death from depression, change into a very happy & healthy husky!  Watching her grow with love, trust, friendship from our other 4 dogs as well as lots of T-Bones, Begging Strips, bones, etc. was such a rewarding experience, that words cannot express!

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Akira is a very, very special addition to our family and we love her soo very much, she has brought so many smiles to our faces!  Notice that she is not on a leash or chain!  What you don't see is that she is not in a fenced in area and is running free in the Blue Mtns.  She has learned that this 
is where  the action is, as well as the food, where the frisbees are flying, the balls are being thrown and all the neighbor dogs want to be and doesn't roam to terribly far off these days for very long! 


She is one beautiful huskey and is a true success story for your Happy Homes website that saved her life and changed my family's life forever! 
Thank you so very much!

As with all animals on this web site, adoptions to approved homes only and animals must be spayed or neutered. Availability of an animal is subject to change without notice.
Please note: Descriptions of the dogs (including evaluation and temperament) listed are furnished by rescuers and other sources. We are providing an exchange of information only and are not always able to verify the information and as such you should verify the information yourself.
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