Carole....I just wanted to get you a couple of updated pictures of Tasha I was playing with her today and thinking of the unhappy girl that came here and the change is unbelievable. She is so very special to us and I thank you for her. She is a beautiful color of strawberry blonde and only a few bare spots left she has gained 28 lbs and she is so happy. She shares her own pasture with her pal Merribell, its very calm and they have their own spring water that runs all of the time.

Tasha and Cougar are wonderful ! I went shopping and bought Tasha a winter coat. She is gaining weight and her tail won't stop wagging. She is free to roam around all day here with James [her beau] and at night they have a cozy condo that they snuggle in.The temperature is in the low 40s  but still cold
if you don't have much hair like Tasha.  
(Marsha gives loving care to the
old and unadoptable animals.)

Tasha has been adopted!
Tasha is 7 years old, according to the vet. She is current on her shots and is spayed. Tasha was very thin, and was in poor health. The shelter wanted to put her down, having little hope she would respond to treatment. She has been in rescue for several weeks now, and is gaining back her weight and coat. She is very well mannered, is well trained on leash, likes to go for walks. She is fine with other dogs, except when she's eating and bother her. Tasha has a microchip, and loves people.

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Tasha with friends

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