Shadow (Boy)

Shadow has been raised mainly by a woman, there are two men living in our house, but he seems to seek me out before everyone else, he stays by my side most of the time. When he is in the house he will move about as I do. If he is sleeping on the floor and I leave the room he will follow. If I am in the bath and he is in the house he will lay outside the bathroom door and wait for me to come out. If I am not at home he will seek my husband or by son. We do have a cat that is eight years old, he would like to chase her or play with her but he is so large and overpowering, at times she only snubbs him and hisses if he come too close, at other times they will be nose to nose inches apart and she will be fine. She keeps in controls of the situation and he lets her. My grandchildren range in ages from 3 to 13 years, when they first arrive he is so excited and wants to play. He can be overwelming for the little ones, after a short time he settles down and they can handle him. The older children can control him and will take him for walks or play ball with him and not have a problem. He loves children and the kids in the neighbor hood come into the yard and play with him or ask to take him for walks. We travel often to where we have a cabin, and is used to staying in a motel and a travel trailer. Shadow is accustomed to sleeping at the foot of our bed. When we travel he stays with us in the cabin, motel and the trailer. He loves to ride in the car or truck, he does just as well in the back seat of a car or van as he does in a dog kennel in the back of a truck. He is a great traveling companion. The reason for letting him go to someone else is that I do not have time on a daily basis to spend time with him. He is a very quick learner, trains easily and gets along well with people and children. He needs someone that could spend time walking, throwing a ball, training him each day. He spends too much time chained up or in a kennel. I want him to have a more active home. He would be great for a woman or girl that walked, jogged or ran. While he will get along well with anyone, I think he will take quicker in a home with a woman or children. Shadow has been a very picky eater and on the advise of a Vet he has been eating raw chicken as part of his diet. This is the only food he will eat on a consistent basis. Contact: 

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