"Nook" is a wonderful guy - wise and canny in the ways of the canine crew
he's been thrown in with and jumping-with-joy happy whenever a human comes out to pay attention.  In 14 years of "snowdogs" I have NEVER seen a dog go
into such a joyous "play" mode as Nook
does when I just walk outside to pet him!!  He does the siberian run-around,
rubs his incredibly soft, glossy coat against my legs, grins up at me ... 
and runs around again!

When he came inside, he showed very little interest in the housecat - no
guarantees but an indication. Nook needs and deserves his very own family so
much and will be such a wonderful companion - he's not an escape artist
(well, he will walk outside if you forget and leave the gate open - but he only went to the other side of the house!), he's not a picky
eater -perfectly happy with kibble - he has a beautiful talking voice and deep-throated occasional woo-woo, he knows how to say what he wants but he's not demanding about it.  He's a strong and healthy gentleman.

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