Mytak Husky 


Just wanted to let you know Mytak is doing well and has adjusted now quite nicely. She's a sweetie pie. She's presently updated on all her veterinary needs with vaccination updates/ boosters coming next , in April and July. She's all healthy and a super strong girl on the leash.  Mytak has a very happy home. 


Hi! My name is "Mytak."  I am a nice female dog in search of a loving family.  My original family has had me since I was just a pup, but must find me a new home because their 4 year old son has Autism and many related health problems. (I know he loves me, but he doesn't know how to be gentle and my family is afraid I will get hurt.)

Being outside is fun! I like to take my owners for walks on my leash and of course, I love to pull. I like the water, can swim and enjoy camping and running at the beach or lake.  I am a funny dog, social, energetic and love to play and be scratched!  I am
friendly with other dogs, children and adults.  I was raised as a puppy with two adult cats in the home and am respectful of them, even though they prefer to watch me while perched up high. 

I'm in excellent health, current on all my shots and vet visits. (My vet loves me and says I am very well-mannered in his office.) I am AKC registered, spayed and housebroken.  I just turned nine, but I'm
in my prime!  I am energetic, healthy and have so much to offer my new family. I like to look my best and am quite tidy.  I enjoy being brushed and bathed, but am
a little shy about nail trims because a groomer once  cut too deep.  If you prefer bathing at home, I have a  special treat...I'll walk right into the shower for  you!  People often tell me that I am a beautiful girl,
 but I'm smart too.  I graduated from "puppy
 kindegarten" obedience school in Portland, OR.  I have  black and white fur and milk-chocolate colored eyes. 
 I am an inside-outside dog and should have a tall  fenced yard.  Currently I sleep inside, but either is  OK.  I like to spend time outside relaxing, laying in  the sun and playing with my green squeaker frog. Most
 of the time I'm the sweet quiet type, but in the  evening, I lightly sing to my family and tell them  about my day.  My hobbies include playing outside in  all kinds of weather (especially snow!) and  socializing with family and friends.  My favorite
 snacks are hot dogs, cheese and baby carrots.  I am a  wonderful dog with a great personality and lots of  kisses to give.    If you'd like to know more about me, 
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