Kona the Mountain Climbing Siberian Husky

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Kona at 12,276 feet!
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Kona has been adopted!
She shined up nice!!!
We are doing great. I tried calling you from the dog park this morning. She was restless when we got home. Thursday we started at the dog park followed by a bath. She cleaned up really well and I brushed away most of what was left of her winter coat. She loves to be brushed and was manageable in the tub. I walked her on the leash and she has adjusted well to the house. I kept her in all day because she was damp from the bath. I took her on a short bike ride and she attended my softball game. She was quiet and polite the entire time and got lots of attention from passer byers. You may have a few visitors. My shortstop has always wanted a Husky and may want to adopt an adult. We are going hiking tomorrow, Friday. Thanks again for all of your help...... (and later) Just a quick note to let you know that Kona is the official "demo dog" in her obedience class. The instructor always uses her to demonstrate new things because she catches on the best.

Kona was left at the shelter because her owners were moving. She won't be available for adoption until the middle of May, to give us time to get her health back to normal.    Kona is a sweet, happy girl.   She walks well on leash, knows sit and shake.   Kona has been spayed, and has
all of her shots.   She gets along well with other dogs, and loves people. She's easy to please, and really likes to cuddle and give kisses.   Kona just turned 1 year old.
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