Kenai Siberian Husky

Kenai has been adopted!
He found a SUV he liked!!!

I think he finally has us trained. He has gone over the fence twice since we retrieved him.  Once the neighbor caught him and the other time he was in the ditch behind our house after something.  We have been taking them out to the desert daily and running them.  They get about 4 miles in and they wander around.  Diesel is now
responding to his name.  We have found he will wander off but doesn't like to get out of eyesight.  We've found if he can't see us he will search us out.  He and Kia have become fast friends.  They don't like sleeping in the
house.  They have the dog run with a nice big dog house with a blanket over the door, so it is truly a den, and a nice soft pad inside.  Kia wants to be out with him and he seems anxious when in the house.  We also have been working with him and rewarding with treats, so we are all settling in
beautifully.  I think the exercise is the key.  He does try to dominate all the other dogs when we go out with friends and their dogs to the desert.  He also really tries to keep Kia in line.  If she wanders too far away from him, he reprimands her.  They are both lying out back now chewing on rawhides and happy as larks. 

Kenai is a wonderful boy. He's between 1 and 1 and a half years old, and is neutered. He was found as a stray, but his owner was known. However, the owner turned him over to the shelter. Kenai loves everybody (except cats). He's good with kids, loves to ride, and is leash trained. Kenai needs someone who will give him a lot of attention, and he really wants to be inside with his person. He has all of his shots, is in great heath, and is just waiting for the right home. Contact:

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