Haelee Husky
Haelee has been adopted
For a while now I have been on the boarder of adopting out Haelee to a new home because she needs more than we can give to her attention wise. She is one of my personal dogs that I bought from Missouri. She is wonderful, but will need a lot of attention because she is a typical sibe, very high energy. She loves other dogs, but thinks she is alpha bitch if not corrected. I will attach a picture of her for everyone.

She went to potty tonight and instead of doing the normal routine she decided to drag my daughter down the asphalt street, she was on a choker and lead that my daughter refused to let go because Haelee is a runner. She was running to the house next door where a pit pup was playing and she wanted to join in on the fun. All commands went out the door since she had a one track mind, to play.

I know it's not her fault what happened to my daughter, but I need somewhere that she will be happier and a family that will give her more time and attention. I am gone for several hours doing the day and when I am home she only get to play in the yard with my other sibe or in the large run. For the last 6 months school has taken a priority in my life and she is suffering due to that.

I am more than willing to keep her until a forever home is found. She is UTD on all shots, chipped, and a doll to have around, but again very high energy. She loves children, no cats or other type of wildlife other than dogs her size or larger. Has a high, very high prey drive and has no problem using her skills to find a way out of a yard that is not well secured, hot wire is the best bet. Loves to play ball, swim, take walks, does great on a pinch collar and lead, loves to play in the snow and the sand at the beach. She is the perfect dog, with the exception of: If not properly exercised she will become hyper and find other things to do to occupy her time, like eat your deck, kennel or anything else she can get her mouth onto.

She is happy go lucky and won't have a problem finding a home who can meet those needs. She is great with fixed or unfixed dogs as well.

She will turn 2 on March 8 th and is considered a grey and white with blue eyes (more buffy and white than grey) and has a tad of a snow nose.

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