Cougar Husky
Cougar goes fishing????

Kokanee and Cougar

Cougar is doing just great.  He gets along with the other dogs just fine.  He loves being inside in the evenings cuddling up
with me and the kids.  He has already got the "routine" down.  In the
morning, I here him scratching at the window if I'm late getting up and
giving them their
walk.  He finally figured out the dog door after some prodding, and having
the kids even go through it to show him how it was done.  It took Jasper (my
African Gray Parrott) about 1 week to start calling Cougar by name, but he
whistles and calls to him now.  Things are just great.

Cougar has been adopted! 
Cougar is a young and very energetic 7 1/2 years old.   He is housetrained, he loves children, and is good with other dogs.   He has all of his shots, is neutered, and has a microchip.  Cougar was used on a team as a wheel dog. He was having trouble with his rear leg, so his owners turned him in.
Cougar was terribly matted all over, and had terrible urine burns on his stomach.   This boy is strong, but is very cuddly.  He loves to give kisses. Cougar is one of the sweetest boys we've come across.  Contact: 

Thanks to Al and Rhonda Gerth for helping Cougar with his medical treatment.

Thanks to Marsha Chambers 
for fostering Cougar

Cougar, Brandy and Kokanee

Madison, Brandy (on couch), 
Cougar and Zachary

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