Won't you take me home?...Bill Bailey

 Bailey may just be the perfect brown-eyed siberian.  Exuberant, playful & loving and bouncy bouncy happy!! whenever people come over to pet & love on him.  Very very people oriented.  But calm and easygoing when he's left by himself!
Plus he got along VERY well with my 3-dog malamute pack!

He has a beautiful bouncy gait, a gorgeous, thick lush coat and one of the most beautiful, plush tails around.  Bailey was clearly the most delightfully loving personality of all the dogs in the yard this weekend (oh you're going to pet me?? oh yeah!  Let's play.  Oh, I'll lay down on your feet and you can rub me all over!!  Or, do you want to play?? ) but give him a bone and he's quite calm & easy and just walks off content as pie.  Stayed out in the yard all by himself with very little objection - maybe just a hurt feeling for a short while.

Bailey has been debarked.  I don't know why anyone would debark a Siberian but that does make Bailey an ideal candidate for a home in town or anywhere that neighbors might object to a vocal animal.

What a sweet, wonderful creature he is.  And a perfect gentleman and terrific houseguest this weekend!  Bailey was found as a stray in Oregon and is being fostered in Eastern Washington.  Contact:   rescue@ewsr.org

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