Zena Has Been Adopted.

I have started calling her Zena. The shelter arranged for her to be spayed (10/31/01). She is up to date on her vaccinations, also. . She's very energetic,very bright and inquisitive likes to go in the car even though she's afraid of other-mostly moving- vehicles and takes food from your hand very gently like all other husky types I've known. Things are going very well, no more fights or growls. At this moment, she's trying to play with our 11 yo cat who likes dogs and rubs up against her with no problem. My husband took her for a walk (on a leash) with our big malamute (also on a leash) and they did very well. She strongly prefers to be in the house with us and even tries to lure us from the basement so we can go upstairs. She matter-of-faculty jumps right up on the couch to sit next to either of us. While working in the basement,she just goes and lies on her bed when she gets too bored with us and can't go upstairs. We can't get over what a really nice dog she is and was she really abandoned or did she run off looking for some fun and her owners aren't able to find her. She came to Kootenai Pets on 3 Oct'01 so there's been lots of time to look for her-I don't know how long she was in Libby"s pound. She seems always ready for a ride in the car-runs over there all the time with a "let's go" expression on her face. Someone will be getting a super dog!! Contact: Us or 406-295-9605 mooses@libby.org
or email: rescue

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