Happy Homes
Zee was adopted by a couple from Texas, the land of big things
and big hearts too! Her story is below.

Do You remember ZEE?

Zee's right hind leg separated at the elbow. (Zee is the malamute mix adopted a few years ago). She had to undergo surgery and then had to be kept confined for 8 weeks - no activity whatsoever. At first, it didn't look like the procedure had worked but after 12 weeks she started putting some weight on it and now slowly it has come back. Today, she is back racing and chasing through the yard and the woods. So it is like a little miracle.

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Zee came from the Clearwater rescue, she was a bit shy and come to think of it, she was a Malamute not a Siberian. But was every bit as lovable! Zee stayed with our rescue for about 1 month and then she was adopted by a couple from Texas!!!!
How did Zee get from Washington to Texas?
Well, you know, Texans always do things in a BIG way!!!

They drove from Texas to Washington to get her!!!!
So now Zee and another rescue named Lobo are happy Texans, living the life of Long Horns and open spaces. And knowing Zee, really big bones!!! Below are some photos in her new home.
Thank You Mary and Bernd for your love of animals

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Oh, give us a home where the buffalos roam, Hey, we got that already! 
So like where are the hotdogs?

Seasons woofs, from 
Zee, Lobo and Laika!

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