Wolf Has been Adopted! 

Wolf is a 4 yr old papered Siberian Husky that hails from Michigan.  I would
guess his weight to be a lean 75 - 85 lb and his shoulder height about
24 -26".  Wolf has one blue and one brown and blue eye and is a beautiful
looking boy. He has lived with the same horse and buggy Amish family in St.
Ignatius, Montana since a puppy.  He is very friendly with children and
adults but has "history" with small animals.  He has been tied out on a
chain and is not a happy boy!  They say if he gets loose, he is
nearly impossible to catch (like many northern dogs).    He is a high energy
boy who has had little socialization or training other than being cared for
by children and teens. Because of his size and energy level, Wolf would make
a wonderful working sled dog or companion to an experienced husky owner who enjoys running or
biking with a dog and who has the "husky smarts" to provide the disciplined,
structured relationship that would transform this dog into a wonderful
companion.   Wolf is neutered and was trained to pull a cart. Thanks so
much for your help and interest in Wolf and with husky rescue.  

As with all animals on this web site, adoptions to approved homes only and animals must be spayed or neutered. Availability of an animal is subject to change without notice.
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