Toyon Siberian Husky

Smiles R-Toyon

Toyon Has Been Adopted
Hi - My name is Toyon but they call me Toy.  
I got my name from a book called Toyon from 
the person who rescued me.   I was with her 
for over a year, but she had to move back to 
the East Coast, and couldn't take me with
her.   I'm now in eastern Washington.   
I'm 2 years old, have all of my shots, and 
am neutered.   I love to play!   I like all dogs, 
and lived with 2 small dogs with my first 
rescue person.   I'm very well trained, and
happy.   I've had some obedience training, 
and have run on a sled team 
(and did VERY well).
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Hi!  I just wanted to email you to let you know that Toyon is doing great!  As you can see in the picture he's shed off all his bushy hair now.  But he's still as beautiful as ever!  I love this boy so very much.  Thank you
for letting me take him.  He loves his turkey hot dogs.  But his new favorite thing is rib bones off the barbecue.  As you can see in the picture, his feet are all wet and dirty.  When he lays down on the ground,
he holds his rib bone in between his paws and will chew for hours.  He's eating normal now and doesn't throw up anymore.  I think it was just the change of scenery that stressed him out.  There are five people living at my house now, so he's NEVER alone.  They're all young, like me, so
everyone is willing to play with him.  He gets a lot of exercise and a lot of attention.  He loves to play chase.  He'll chase you around the house until you give up.  Again, thank you so much for letting me be his new mommy. Shellice

I'm such a klutz, pick me up and give me a cookie.....

I see that Hot Dog!

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